Core Program

Since 1996 over 700 individuals from over 120 organizations have completed the Leadership Macomb Core program.  Each year, approximately 50 individuals are accepted into the prestigious program.  The cohort meets for 11 full day sessions between September and May.  During these sessions, the systems that make up a community are explored in depth.  The systems include government, education and workforce development, health and human services, the arts, cultures, defense, business, justice, community service and the environment.  Sessions meet in various locations throughout Macomb County and are led by subject experts.  Session agendas include proficient speakers, panel discussions, and introspective exercise, group dialogue, and exclusive, field trips.  Each session provides a unique learning experience that cannot be duplicated anywhere else.

The results are extraordinary.  Graduates emerge from the Leadership Macomb experience eager to make a difference in Macomb County.  Leadership Macomb graduates are invaluable resources to the County and are key contributors to the overall strength of Macomb county and Southeastern Michigan.  Whether it’s the organization they represent, the community as a whole, or themselves, personally, everyone reaps the benefits of the Leadership Macomb program.

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